Success stories

Success Stories

Community Futures is pleased to showcase some of the many good news stories in rural Alberta. Everyday we help people like you start and grow successful small businesses.

Curl Up and Dye Hair Salon

Elora Lanctot
5009 52 Avenue, Whitecourt

Born and raised in Whitecourt, Elora Lanctot is a forward thinking hair stylist who has turned her passion into a thriving business in record time with the help of an expansion loan approved through Community Futures Yellowhead East in early 2015.

In the year since expansion began, her energy and leadership have been evident throughout the now-expanded salon that's geared towards providing an empowered beauty experience.


Country Hair & Body Salon

Edie Mason
Onoway, Alberta

Edie Mason had been working as a hair stylist for Country Hair & Body Salon for approximately 9 years when the owners decided to sell the business. At the time, Edie tried to secure financing to purchase the salon but was unsuccessful. The business sold and the new owner gave Edie the opportuntiy to manage the salon as she was away most of the year. After 3 years of managing the salon, the business was again for sale. This is when Edie discovered Community Futures!  With our assistance, she was able to purchase the business and her dreams of owning her own business came true!

Since then Edie has really made the space her own. She has completely renovated the salon and added a number of services. She has gained even more repeat customers, some of whom travel quite a distance to come and see her. In Edie's own words "I am lovin' every minute of it!"

Lorne's Blanket Society

Sarah Diformite (Manager)
Whitecourt Alberta

Community futures Whitecourt has been an awesome support as I have been manager of Lornes Blanket Society. They have helped with a a variety of things for our society an article release about our housing for our community guys to be released in the local paper, information and items for our men's Christmas baskets, help setting up Facebook and how to use it the best we can for a business...the sky is the limit ...from new ideas to new beginnings, to partners on a journey.!

Cheap Smokes & Cigars

Rob Klein & Jeremy McPhee
3815 Caxton Street

In mid-2015, experienced entrepreneurs Rob Klein and Jeremy McPhee started considering partnering to bring the Alberta-based tabacco franchise Cheap Smokes and Cigars to the Whitecourt area. They approached Community Futures Yellowhead East with their business plan and their application was approved in the fall, leading to the October 2015 opening on Caxton Street. 



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